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Factory and personal hygiene-equipment

Hygiene stations type „Hygi-Line DRS-R“

Hygiene station „Hygi-Line DRS-R“ is designed to be used in both directions
(changeable) at entrance or exit of production line, with hand disinfection and
cleansing of foot ware (soles). The production line will lead to the station and a turnstile will release only after hand disinfection through internal nozzles. On entering and exiting  of the line the soles will be disinfected. This equipment is suitable for medium sized and larger production companies with a transit capacity of up to 120 people in 10 minutes.

Available in three brush lengths (500, 1000 or 1800 mm)
Brush colours standard: red / blue or to special order
Choices: left or right hand disinfection with integrated hand-washing chambers

Product features:
Hygienic design and compact construction
1.4301 stainless steel construction or higher quality
Chemical canisters are built into the cleaning column
Empty canister monitor light
Control lights at entrance and exit
Floating contacts to register time worked or as access control
Logo control, all operating times easily adjustable
Dosage for cleaner of foot ware is via maintenance-free venturi system
Brushes are easily removed without tools for cleaning
All components of turnstile are stainless steel 1.4301
Modular construction system