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Products in stainless steel

We only use high quality stainless steel for our products.
On customer request, or if engineering design demands we will
use higher quality steel.

We also provide tailor made products/solutions according to:
· Technical drawings
· In house design/development
· Stipulations by customers
· Consultations with customers

Our warranty for construction, steel and processing is 24 months,
for the technical components 12 months, other outsourced components
will be covered by the supplier’s warranty.

Factory and personal hygiene-equipment

Hygiene stations type „Hygi-Line DRS-R“

Hygiene station „Hygi-Line DRS-R“ is designed to be used in both directions
(changeable) at entrance or exit of production line, with hand disinfection and
cleansing of foot ware (soles). The production line will lead to the station and a turnstile will release only after hand disinfection through internal nozzles. On entering and exiting  of the line the soles will be disinfected. This equipment is suitable for medium sized and larger production companies with a transit capacity of up to 120 people in 10 minutes.


Hygiene technology

elpek is a competent manufacturer of stainless steel products.
We are pleased at this point to offer individual products.
Our philosophy for a long term partnership with our clients is
professional advice based on profound experience; on site if



Cleaning equipment for the food industry and commercial kitchens

Professional, cost-effective cleaning - mobile and independent.
Flexible low-pressure cleaning with foam cleaning, rinsing and disinfecting.


Industrial washing-machines & forced air drying modules

In hygienic, ergonomic and
energy-saving equipment for


Factory and business equipment

Products made of stainless steel
· For production
· For logistics
· For social facilities
· For the dressing room


Doors and building components

Perfectly sealed openings, securely locked rooms, separate temperature controlled areas and fire protection guaranteed.


Waste-water systems for industry

For industry and the food producing industry:
We offer drainage systems, as well as complementary components for
different areas of application. Our drainage and gutter systems are
designed precisely to the individual requirements of our customers, then manufactured and installed.


Shower drains

Shower drains for handcraft, sanitary facilities, large shower rooms and swimming pools of the highest-elpek-quality.


Container construction

Stainless steel industrial tanks up to 10,000 litres
· Single-walled
· Double-walled with insulation PU, rock-or glass-wool
· Double-walled with intermediate floor (heated wall)
· Horizontal or vertical


Stainless steel vessels

Stainless steel transport containers for the food producing industry as well as stainless steel tanks and vessels.


Stainless steel railings

We offer personal and professional advise without
any obligations at our office or at your home.


Spare parts

Our products are designed for durability.
Nevertheless, if a spare part should be needed, our nationwide service team will be at your disposal within the shortest possible response time. We dispatch spare parts by the fast 24h express shipping service of UPS, the expert in logistics.