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Doors and building components

Perfectly sealed openings, securely locked rooms, separate temperature controlled areas and fire protection guaranteed.

elpek as a known supplier of stainless steel equipment for industry,
commerce and gastronomy also produces high quality freezer doors,
commercial refrigerator doors, work area doors, swing doors and
fire doors in a wide range of sizes and possibilities.

From the detailed planning to design and production, from the initial inquiry to the completion of the project, it is all done in house so that quality and punctuality are not just slogans.

As standard elpek offers special solutions, offers precision and
takes into account your particular circumstances. elpek supplies your own personal door for each of your rooms, with a careful final inspection for quality and functionality.

Our system provides stainless steel revision covers for a permanently
protected access to supply ducts. Pipe penetrations (through walls, floors) ensure an insulated and tight duct for supply lines. These are available in any variation and size.