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17.05.2022#a Our company

Our company

Our company


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Our company

The elpek GmbH is your specialist in designing and manufacturing stainless steel products in the areas of hygiene engineering, cleaning and disinfection, tank construction, logistics, doors and modular building elements, as well as finding solutions for your unique needs. We create long lasting solutions of high utility for companies in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Our company has produced quality products since 2013 and we benefit from decades of experience of our employees in the areas of stainless steel products, industrial equipment and

Creativity in planning, high quality design and an eye for details make the day to day work with our products simple. The long experience of our staff, as well as the determination to find the perfect solution for our clients, makes elpek an outstanding supplier. We are convinced that only durable and quality products in the day to day operation of a plant will prevail in the market place, even if this may mean a slightly higher initial investment.

Low running cost, fast, uncomplicated nationwide service and modular expandability of our products are only some of the features elpek
will convince you with.