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Cleaning equipment for the food industry and commercial kitchens

Professional, cost-effective cleaning - mobile and independent.
Flexible low-pressure cleaning with foam cleaning, rinsing and disinfecting.

Top facilities including:
an automatic hose reel
20m flexible hose
Gun and click nozzle
2 x 20 litre can to accommodate ·
Connection for additional cleaning satellites
Completely made of stainless steel

Water pressure booster pump for medium pressure
When using Grundfos pressure boost pumps in your laundry
applications you are in safe hands.
Dosanova offers a variety of efficient pumps, e. g.:
· Washing-machines

„Click & Clean“-Micronova  
This patented low pressure cleaning system features an excellent foam quality,
as well as a precise dosage even with fluctuating water pressures.

The monolever „Click & Clean“-unit guarantees faultless working and
precludes a mixing of chemicals, as well as process manipulation.